Brandon Slay: Transforming into a Leader

Brandon Slay is, perhaps, most well-known for his Olympic Gold Medal run in the 2000 Olympics. However, his impact on the wrestling world extends far beyond his own athletic successes.

I've noticed a common theme among wrestlers turned coaches. Their mentalities have to be more self-focused as they train and compete toward their own, personal championships. It makes sense, wrestling is such a demanding sport on the mind and body. In order to achieve high levels in such a sport, you must learn to prioritize the things that go into becoming elite.

However, what happens when that all ends? How do you transition out of a self-focused mentality into one that's embedded in service to others?

Coach Slay's story illustrates the transition he made from athlete to coach. After powerful revelations about winning and what life is about, Coach Slay's strong service oriented values are embodied throughout the entire interview. The energy he used to put into his own wrestling career has now been refocused on giving back to the sport and cherishing his family.

His Olympic Gold Medal is impressive, to say the least, as is his entire wrestling career. However, what's equally as impressive is the impact he's having on the wrestling world and the lives of the athletes that his passion influences.

Coach Slay is now the Executive Director & Head Coach of the Pennsylvania RTC.

During his interview, listen in as his passion for growing the sport, serving others, and being a leader in all aspects of his life travels through your ear buds and inspires you to do the same.

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