Nahshon Garrett: Making Your Own Way

Nahshon Garrett's authentic, energetic, and positive outlook on life provides a refreshing perspective during these challenging times.

I was an intern at Cornell with the Strength & Conditioning staff when Nahshon was a sophomore. He was a rising superstar on Cornell's campus and within the NCAA wrestling world. I was just an intern, yet Nahshon frequently took the time to talk with me in the weight room when he would come in to get his training done. I have fond memories of how he treated me, "the little guy". It speaks volumes about his character. Funnily enough, he didn't quite remember me when we met on our video chat to record this interview. However, that demonstrated even more about his character. It didn't matter to him who I was back then, his nature was kindness and respect, regardless of who he was talking to. That's exactly the Nahshon who showed up to our interview.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Gabe and I aren't interested in merely discussing the accolades that the guests on our show have accumulated. Those are byproducts of the people they are, the struggles they have overcome, and the effort they have put into their lives. What was apparent in Nahshon's interview, was that he's much more profound than a composition of tissue and flesh that can kick most competitor's butts on a wrestling mat.

Diving deep into Nahshon's past, we uncover his experiences as a young man without a father, and how the mentors in his life, and the sport of wrestling shaped, molded and guided him into the man he is today.

One day competing will end, that's a fact for every athlete. What's left, is who you have become. Nahshon is a beacon of positivity, encouragement, and passion that makes the world a better place, both on and off the mat.

But for now, let's listen in to this Olympic hopeful's story.

Where can you find Nahshon?

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