What's Next for Cornell Wrestling Seniors

To these young men, wrestling is more than just a sport.

Their senior year was abruptly cut short after the COVID-19 pandemic that's impacting the entire world. It would be understandable for Noah, Chaz, and Brandon to be angry and upset over the entire situation. However, they are navigating the situation with class, optimism, and integrity, as you might expect from a Cornell graduate.

In this episode of The Dean's List Podcast, Gabe asks the hard, fun, and nostalgic questions as we listen to these young leaders as they describe the triumphs and challenges that have shaped their lives.

We cover everything from wrestling, Cornell academics, to the NCAA Championship cancellation, and their plans on moving forward.

But first, get to know these gentlemen.


Cornell was the dream program for Noah. As a young teenager, he never expected to be where he is today; a graduating senior with a bright future in finance after a 4-year wrestling career in one of the greatest programs in the country.

Noah's energy, candor, and authentic personality shine through in this interview. His desire to lead others is inspiring and it speaks volumes about his character.

You can learn more about Noah and his wrestling career by clicking here.


Chas is a graduate of Blair Academy, a school with one of the country's most successful wrestling programs. After a strong career at Cornell, with a decorated past in his back pocket, Chas recognizes this challenging time as an opportunity to pour into his other passion, coding.

Chas' optimistic and friendly personality are clear during this interview, as he spends his spring semester quarantined with his wrestling family.

You can learn more about Chas here.


Brandon was a 6-time State Champion in Alabama as a middle and high-school student. He wrestled over 500 matches before coming to Cornell. This experience allowed him a successful career in Cornell's program, despite battling through injuries.

In this interview, Brandon opens up about his growing confidence as he has progressed through his wrestling career. He discusses his development as a person, beyond the wrestling mat, and his excitement about his future in Agriculture.

You can learn more about Brandon here.

And now to the episode...